All Things Malibu

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Home Check out this wonderful new addition to Malibu. A site that has the low -down on any thing you could possibly need in malibu…from restaurants, Hiking trails,new shops and services from doctors to car washing…. Check it out, its a great site! Ryan Sarmiento . assistant operations manager

Labor Day Vacation In Malibu

Vacationing in Malibu is always a fabulous experience and now as the summer is coming to a close it is even better than ever.! Come visit the local beaches and enjoy the warm water that only Spetmeber brings! Water temperatures are at an all-time high right now and everyone seems to be…


Malibu Farmers Market

FARMERS MARKET If you find yourself in the Malibu area on a Sunday morning, there is no better place to go than the Farmer’s Market. Although it’s small in size, it makes up for it with friendly vendors and an array of foods that rival the largest markets in Los Angeles. Not…


Malibu Arts Festival

MALIBU ATRS FESTIVAL…….44TH YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG! The Malibu Arts Festival is 2 days of beauty, music, imagination, creativity, fun and a cool summer breeze. Considered “one of the most beautiful outdoor art festivals in the nation,” the Malibu Arts Festival with over 200 award-winning painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, and other…


4th of July in Malibu

July 4th in Malibu There is no better time to come to Malibu than over the 4th of July weekend! Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great here in Da’ Bu’BUT, The 4th of July is like Christmas, Disneyland and your birthday all rolled into one! My own teenagers drive from points…


A Week In Malibu

Malibu …what to do each day for music, food and libations! Every day of the week Malibu has something unique to do, Be it a sunday brunch complete with padleboats on a lake….or Karaoke where Kid Rock pops in…its all good…… Malibu Monday through Sunday… Monday Mondays in Malibu is usually dead…


Zuma Beach

The Grand-daddy of all public beaches in Malibu, is by far, Zuma Beach. Some might argue that Surfrider is “ The ” Beach……if you want to surf, watch surfers, get a date with a surfer, or watch a surfer undress on PCH, then ok, You got me….. However if you are a…


Restaurants in Malibu

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Central Malibu Restaurants. Malibu is divided into two types of Restaurants….The ones the ones the locals eat at and the rest. There are a few exceptions but all in all, we locals eat at  more “off the beaten path” places. The exception of course being Nobu. Nobu It’s as good as they…


Hiking in Malibu

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What better way to spend a day in paradise than to immerse yourself in the simple act of walking within it? We’ve all read the yelp reviews and seen pictures and videos on instagram of hiking in the hills and cliffs of Malibu— but how many have actually taken the whole day…


Shopping in Malibu

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The main thing in Malibu besides the amazing beaches of course, and fine dining, is the shopping! While the kids are off at surf camp you can hit the boutiques. So,  Let the games begin…There are three glorified areas in Malibu that are “ shop – worthy”. 1) Cross Creek You will find…