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Malibu …what to do each day for music, food and libations!

Every day of the week Malibu has something unique to do, Be it a sunday brunch complete with padleboats on a lake….or Karaoke where Kid Rock pops in…its all good……

Malibu Monday through Sunday…


Mondays in Malibu is usually dead SOOOOOOO, its the perfect time to go to a place that us mere mortals can never usually get in….NOBU. I know….No special ” monday” deal here, but just getting in to Nobu to dine is a deal in my eyes! No huge crowds, no eurotrash to fend off, no rushed wait staff. No palms to grease…just excellent food, cocktails and a view worth waiting for. ( except on Mondays…) I love this place and think Monday is a great night to experience all that Nobu is.


Taco Tuesday at Dukes is an honoured tradition for us locals. I have been going there sine my kids were babies! ( and yes, bring the kids!) The barefoot bar is great for those without kids, lots of beer, tacos and fun. If you do bring the kiddies, the restaurant offers much more than tacos as well. You cannot go wrong with a fabulous mahi mahi taco here, simply the best! Fun , low key, relaxed dining here, with killer views! It’s kind of like going to Hawaii, without the airport hassle…. Photos adorn the walls in the entry here and its like Maui all over. Casual dress is the norm . Come on down and grab a seat at the bar and just chill with a beer and the sunset.


Ok, Without a doubt Wednesday night in Malibu belongs to Cafe Habana. Karaoke reins supreme! What I love about it is the fact that we can all just get along here….. Pepperdine students mingle with us older folks, without rolling their eyes like our own kids do! Its a potpourri of locals. And everyone is best friends by the end of the night! Come grab a table in the bar, get a drink, some amazing salsa and chips and wait for the gold dust D J to set up. Sign up early, it gets crazy! Us over 50’s usually depart around 11:00 and leave it to the Pepperdine students to close down. It runs late by Malibu standards, 1:00 ish!


The Sunset Restaurant Happy Hour

$5.00 everything…( well, practically!)
The best deal going in Malibu for the price driven consumer.( lush)
Their bar menu is a wondeer to behold. Happy hour, yes sir. I love a bar I can go to and not have to decide what to get. GET IT ALL, its that inexpensive. And good! I personally love the flatbreads, fish tacos and truffle fries. Cocktails are equally good here. cocktails for 5 bucks? you bet. Local vintner, Saddlerock, is the chardonnay here, yum. And can we talk views? Its very nice to get there early, walk the beach a bit then come in tired and hungry. Nice sofas to slip back in, sports on T V and lots of locals to gossip with.


Taverna Tonys
Belly dancing, greek music and TONY! woo hoo…
Ok, maybe I over did it a bit here but its worth going into for the free dip alone…
Its a fun scene in here on Fridays.Get up and dance with the house band,stick money in the dancers , ummmm pants, and enjoy the noise, mayhem and energy. Its really an experience to be savoured. Food is pretty good, drinks ok, atmosphere…AMAZING! But Stick to wine, as they pour a measured cocktail… Hard to get a good buzz here, unless its from the music or dancing, which I love! Tony is worth coming in to see , he makes you feel like an old friend. Love him…


Casa Escobar

Mexican food to kill or die for. Seriously. Their mole is so good it’ll make you wanna slap your mama. ( or the waiter if he is slow in delivering it) The chips and trio of salsa is terrific, as well as the guacamole. you cannot get a bad meal here. Its a family run business thats been around forever, for good reason, They deliver the goods. And now my favorite part, the music. They have live music several nights each week but I particularly like Saturday music. Its a fun older crowd! Yeah! Finally a place people of a certain age can go and enjoy music without risk of life or limb. They book amazing bands, and people get into it! The dance floor is packed all night long! ( Lenny Goldsmith and the new olds is the best thing going in the way of music here…) He used to be with Tower of Power, so try and catch this band if you can! Best rock n blues around here.


The M Cafe Brunch

This place is up ih the wine country and worth the drive. Where else can you show up for brunch, play a game of pool, ride a paddleboat, throw a frisbee, and kick ass in shuffleboard….all in one place? With the kids in tow? No where,except here,thats where! The setting is gorgeous, rolling grassy lawn, complete with chandeliers hanging from the trees. Classy here folks! Food here is great too! Classic items plus a few fun items you need to try. ( pulled pork sandwiches a favorite) Cocktails equally enjoyable. It is a lovely way to spend a languid afternoon. It’ll turn you right around. Its nice to find a place where the kids are entertained so you can relax. After all, You deserve it!

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