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Vacationing in Malibu is always a fabulous experience and now as the summer is coming to a close it is even better than ever.! Come visit the local beaches and enjoy the warm water that only Spetmeber brings! Water temperatures are at an all-time high right now and everyone seems to be in the water.Be it kayaking, surfing, stand up paddling, boogie boarding, snorkeling or just plain swimming, its always nicer when you arent freezing!Traveling to Malibu at the end of summer is great because the crowds are thinning, more parking is availableXxxv36ue5qkp4U4JfCJgGQjokWJVL3FiOfxF6Z7gMuM,yxwoOA7USYpGWLiSc-p7YvfU_RXpBNDtKIXbyUBKzOE,5k4FUKP7syHWbCQc3SMTA1Dx3VGEOLY0kUsKF8x4BH8,MOHGQEK9gT__lGC6t46pUB8W1s5eH1GUkkNtny7uqSc, the restaurants easier to get into and of course the weather is the best.So many vacation rentals are available at . So come and take one last dip in the ocean before the sun sets.Plus you can enjoy the Malibu Chili Cook off! No better time to come to Malibu!

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