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Central Malibu Restaurants.

Malibu is divided into two types of Restaurants….The ones the ones the locals eat at and the rest.

There are a few exceptions but all in all, we locals eat at  more “off the beaten path” places. The exception of course being Nobu.


It’s as good as they say it is. It’s terrace with insane views makes the food somehow taste better, seriously. A tuna roll suddenly becomes a work of art worthy of a sonnet. Gregorio, the gorgeous head chef, makes it all work. He effortlessly mixes traditional sushi items with unusual daily offerings I think he literally dreams up. I have had more raw fish in martini glasses at the bar there than actual martinis!  Perfect items include: Taradito, a white fish sashimi with lemon and a dollop of chili paste. No one, and I mean no one can do this like Nobu does. Chilean Seabass, it is a cooked item and stunningly done. My kids and I order it often and are never disappointed. Every single sashimi and sushi item is glorious and worth the money. I know many would disagree with me but as a lover of the purest of pure ingredients, this is the place! This is also the busiest bar in Malibu, just sayin…There are lots of folks from town here and  the mood is festive . The general managerErica is lovely and welcoming, so if you want to avoid the mob scene , go for lunch and say hello to her.


Just across the street from Nobu, near the Malibu Pier is a lovely Italian Eatery simply called  V’s. The owner is  the perfect host. Vassile welcomes you in with open arms. Yoshi is equally engaging at the bar. Its like a tag team . They instantly make you feel at home and damn, what a  great chef Chris is! The flat breads are crispy, flavorful and a true delight. Mushroom being my favorite. Their daily pastas are original and delicious. Their pork chops , when offered, are a must. Arrugula salad with figs? What can I say, a treat. I also love the bar there, Its like Cheers, A local favorite. It’s a nice contrast to the busy bar at Nobu acros the street.When you walk in, you don’t need to order a drink, as Yoshi will remember what you had last time, down to the 4 lime slices on a plaste .Ok, I like my citrus. It somehow makes cocktail hour seem a bit healthier.

And on The Malibu Pier is perhaps the coolest, newest hot spot. ( for breakfast!)

The Farm.

At the end of the Pier, the location alone is like a vacation. I have lived in Malibu for 20 years but it’s like going to Hawaii every time I walk out to the end of the pier to that place. I feel like I am on the Big Island when I sit down to my eggs. This restaurant began as a backyard labor of love. The owner used to cook for friends and family in her lovely garden and word of mouth spread… she was told on so many occasions to open a restaurant, she finally decided, why not? All I can say is , Thank God. The food is all locally grown, organic, simple, clean and  flavorful. I take people here all the time and I am always thanked. The scrambled eggs with veggies are my favorite. Veggies always crisp, eggs perfect, toast with homemade jam a must. Fried egg sandwich…yes please. Sweedish pancakes, can you say sinfully delicious? Dessert for breakfast! They also do lunch and dinner but my favorite meal here is by far, breakfast. Go sit on the roof and watch the paddleboarders, kayakers and surfers. I have also been lucky enough to spot whales from my table. A magical location and a meal worthy of praise.

More fabulous Malibu Restaurants to follow! Keep eating!

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