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The main thing in Malibu besides the amazing beaches of course, and fine dining, is the shopping! While the kids are off at surf camp you can hit the boutiques.

So,  Let the games begin…There are three glorified areas in Malibu that are “ shop – worthy”.

1) Cross Creek

You will find everything from quirky one of a kind items in Malibu General to jewelry that is cutting edge in Chrome Hearts. ( Daggers anyone?)…

In Malibu General The walls are adorned with local photographers images, displays of handmade purses, clothing and beer in a fridge! Think of it as a hippie flea market, only the hippies are rich tourists and the flea market is insanely overpriced commercial real estate… Seriously, it is a truly unique shop amongst giants, worth venturing into!

Also in Cross Creek are many chain stores with prices that match our zip code. ( 5 digits) worth it, I am sure!

In all fairness there is a local Banana Republic , M Frederic and Urban Outfitters. So while YOU shop in Lanvin and Madison, send the teenagers there, It will balance the finances out.

Also in Cross Creek is a theatre and a few nice local restaurants. Malibu Kitchen is great for sandwiches and deli type items. Do not talk on the phone while ordering though. This guy makes the “ Soup Nazi” look mild in comparison. I love the chinese chicken salad wrap and my son would kill or die for the bbq beef sandwich. ( with slaw) they have old fashioned sodas and candy and a bakery to die for!

There is a new gift shop called Burro,they carry classic gift shop items such as candles,cards, necklaces and many little gifty type items. Tres Cute!

2) The Lumber Yard

It used to be the old malibu lumber yard. I have on occasion seen a flummoxed painter in white coveralls wandering around aimlessly …..

The fishtanks are killer, It’ll keep the kids entertained for as long as it takes them to eat their yummy ice cream cones to the tip. There is an Alice and Olivia there, LOVE that store! They also have a Kitson, great tourist shop. Lots of locally branded stuff here.A James Perse with a ping pong table in front. ( Game on).

There is also a J Crew for you east coasters, can you say twin-set? Intermix adds just the right amount of flirty fun at  reasonable prices. Designers here are affordable.I also love the restaurant here, Cafe Habana. Wednesday night is Karaoke night that is dominated by tall, tan ,well bread Pepperdine Students.  A few older locals hang in there until 11:00 or so, when 20 somethings take over. Kid Rock  sometimes makes an appearance. Worth popping into for the best salsa in town. It doesn’t hurt that Cindy Crawford owns it and is seen on the patio on occasion…( and yes, she is STILL gorgeous!)

3) Colony Plaza

Theodore, Beecker, Ralphs and CVR are here. Darn, what was i thinking including this place?

Ok Ok Ok, This place is celebrity spotting central. Go to the Starbucks here and sit your ass down and wait. It will pay off…

This shopping area is food driven…. With the exception of Beecker, a local surf shop, its all about the food. Bui Sushi, Coogis ,Malibu Yougurt and Kashin are worth checking out. Its nice to stroll along the spanish themed walkways while the kids eat frozen yogurt and shop for board shorts. The sales at Theodore are fabulous and afterwards grab a paradise roll from Bui Sushi. Simply the best Lobster Roll around! Vitamin Barn is also great for smoothies and items to fight off jet lag.

There is one  other shop totally worth mention that is not located in a shopping area though. It is Pinnacle, off the corner of Kanan and PCH, it is by far the best local clothing store around! The owner is sweet, helpful and knowledgeable. If you need a size 25 jeans, and a hot tank, she is on it! I like the store because I am NOT a size 25 in jeans . I am a normal size and she has clothes to fit me too! Yeah! My 21 year old daughter and I shop here together and always  have a full shopping bag when we leave. ( full bag, empty wallet…kidding) The prices here are great. Love this place. Local Malibu Sweats, Uggs, Designer Jeans, tee shorts, cute beach dresses…you get the picture.You came all the way to malibu, so support a local malibu store.

Now there are a few other shopping areas that are small but worthy of mention. One is the new Trancas Center. They have a wonderful home furnishings store called The Malibu Beach House. Love it!When I walk in I just want to MOVE in. It is so tastefully done, I mean its film set ready! These gals know how to decorate a room. They sell Malibu wine glasses, insane chandeliers,coasters, jammies  and any thing you’d find in Barbra Streisands house. They carry books about the  Malibu coastline to coasters with lobsters on them. Eclectic? I think yes.

There is also a new clothing store here but I can’t remember the name and I want you all to shop at Pinnacle so I won’t mention it.

There is also another surf shop here called Clout. Cool hats , sunglasses, board shorts and cheap boogie boards. The perfect place to sign up for surf lessons as well. Craig will take care of you.

So, do you now have enough to keep you busy? God, I hope so!

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