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Check out this wonderful new addition to Malibu. A site that has the low -down on any thing you could possibly need in malibu…from restaurants, Hiking trails,new shops and services from doctors to car washing…. Check it out, its a great site!
Ryan Sarmiento . assistant operations manager

Labor Day Vacation In Malibu

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Vacationing in Malibu is always a fabulous experience and now as the summer is coming to a close it is even better than ever.! Come visit the local beaches and enjoy the warm water that only Spetmeber brings! Water temperatures are at an all-time high right now and everyone seems to be in the water.Be it kayaking, surfing, stand up paddling, boogie boarding, snorkeling or just plain swimming, its always nicer when you arent freezing!Traveling to Malibu at the end of summer is great because the crowds are thinning, more parking is availableXxxv36ue5qkp4U4JfCJgGQjokWJVL3FiOfxF6Z7gMuM,yxwoOA7USYpGWLiSc-p7YvfU_RXpBNDtKIXbyUBKzOE,5k4FUKP7syHWbCQc3SMTA1Dx3VGEOLY0kUsKF8x4BH8,MOHGQEK9gT__lGC6t46pUB8W1s5eH1GUkkNtny7uqSc, the restaurants easier to get into and of course the weather is the best.So many vacation rentals are available at . So come and take one last dip in the ocean before the sun sets.Plus you can enjoy the Malibu Chili Cook off! No better time to come to Malibu!

Malibu Farmers Market

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If you find yourself in the Malibu area on a Sunday morning, there is no better place to go than the Farmer’s Market. Although it’s small in size, it makes up for it with friendly vendors and an array of foods that rival the largest markets in Los Angeles. Not only does the market offer a wide variety of fresh produce and baked goods, it also offers cooked meals that can be enjoyed instantly on the patio. Make sure to stop by and try the French pastries, frozen pineapple sorbet, and Greek pitas and spreads. They will be sure to leave you wanting more! The one item that I cannot live without is the homemade Rum Cake…if this is all you get from the market, it was well worth it. If food isn’t what you’re looking for, the market also offers freshly cut flowers (get the Tuberose while they’re in season!) and vendors selling everything from organic soaps to homemade jewelry. It really does have everything.
Located in the Malibu Civic Center parking lot, it is directly next door to Cross Creek, one of the best shopping and dining areas in Los Angeles.
The Farmers Market is open on Sunday’s from 10:00am-3:00pm at 23555 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265.

Malibu Arts Festival


The Malibu Arts Festival is 2 days of beauty, music, imagination, creativity, fun and a cool summer breeze.
Considered “one of the most beautiful outdoor art festivals in the nation,” the Malibu Arts Festival with over 200 award-winning painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, and other creative artists. You can meet the artists under stunning white tents and learn about the art in from the artists themselves.
From paintings on canvas, wood, glass and tin to jewelry and trinkets…

Put on by the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, the two-day weekend eventl takes place July 25-26, from 10 am to 6 pm, at the Malibu Civic Center. The Optimist Club of Malibu will be flipping pancakes for breakfast at the site starting at 8 am. A great way to meet your neighbors!

The Arts Festival Also includes a stage that features lots of local musicians to entertain you while you rest in between viewing the fine art and resting whist sipping a glass of wine… There is also a children’s workshop where kids work with artists to create their own art, and a food truck terrace serving everything from burgers, wraps and tapas to deserts! Yum…
So join the locals for a fun filled weekend and soak up some culture along with the sun!

Saturday, July 25, 2015 – 8:00am to Sunday, July 26, 2015 – 6:00pm
Event Address:
23555 Civic Center Way
Malibu, CA 90265
Saturday, July 25, 2015 – 8:00am to Sunday, July 26, 2015 – 6:00pm
Event Address:
23555 Civic Center Way
Malibu, CA 90265

4th of July in Malibu

July 4th in Malibu

There is no better time to come to Malibu than over the 4th of July weekend!
Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great here in Da’ Bu’BUT, The 4th of July is like Christmas, Disneyland and your birthday all rolled into one! My own teenagers drive from points unknown to be at Little Dume beach for the 4th of July in Malibu… Once they graduated high school here they flew the coop, but this is the one time every year they come back to nest!!! I asked why and they said its like a huge family reunion at the beach….That says a lot about the great folks in Malibu, they are like one big family here!
By the time the 4th of July rolls around every year, the fog has lifted, The drinks are chilled, the BBQ blazing and good times are had. Here is a run down of local fireworks for your 4th of July festivities!!

This Fourth of July, there will be four offshore firework shows in Malibu:
Malibu Colony Road
Broad Beach Road
Paradise Cove
and the 21600 block of Pacific Coast Highway.

Needless to say PCH will be busy so give your self enough time to park. There is nothing worse than watching the fireworks while parking your car!!!

The beaches will be crazy crowded so your best bet is to go to Zuma, where there is the biggest beach parking lot in town.
They also have food stands and public restrooms.
If you decide to grab a bite after the fireworks I have a few suggestions…
For amazing Italian V’s On PCH just south of the pier., Vasile the owner is beyond gracious!
Also love the Farm ON the pier. The farm is a casual atmosphere, perfect for you after a sandy sit down in the sand after the fireworks…
If you decide you need late night dining you need Tonys for greek food and dancing ,music and dining. The drinks here are weak but the atmosphere makes up for it. Coogies just reopened as Ollo, a farm to table family restaurant. I will be there trying it out this weekend for sure.

If you choose to be somewhere other than the beach, here are a few options for a nice hike or swim.

Malibu Community Pool
The pool will be open to the public on Friday, July 3, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but there will be no swim lessons on Friday. The pool will be closed on Saturday, July 4.
Malibu Senior Center
Closed Friday through Sunday, July 3-5
Trancas Canyon Park
Open from 8:00 AM to dusk daily
Las Flores Creek Park
Open from 8:00 AM to dusk daily
Legacy Park
Open from 8:00 AM to dusk daily
Malibu Equestrian Park
Open from 8:00 AM to dusk daily

If you decide to just hang and shop cross creek and the lumbar yard offer the most stores. If you are near Zuma beach I suggest Pinnacle, a nice local womens and childrens clothing store. They are super cool there…
Speaking of cool, stay hydrated, slathered with sunscreen and above all have fun! Enjoy our 27 miles of amazing beaches!

A Week In Malibu

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Malibu …what to do each day for music, food and libations!

Every day of the week Malibu has something unique to do, Be it a sunday brunch complete with padleboats on a lake….or Karaoke where Kid Rock pops in…its all good……

Malibu Monday through Sunday…


Mondays in Malibu is usually dead SOOOOOOO, its the perfect time to go to a place that us mere mortals can never usually get in….NOBU. I know….No special ” monday” deal here, but just getting in to Nobu to dine is a deal in my eyes! No huge crowds, no eurotrash to fend off, no rushed wait staff. No palms to grease…just excellent food, cocktails and a view worth waiting for. ( except on Mondays…) I love this place and think Monday is a great night to experience all that Nobu is.


Taco Tuesday at Dukes is an honoured tradition for us locals. I have been going there sine my kids were babies! ( and yes, bring the kids!) The barefoot bar is great for those without kids, lots of beer, tacos and fun. If you do bring the kiddies, the restaurant offers much more than tacos as well. You cannot go wrong with a fabulous mahi mahi taco here, simply the best! Fun , low key, relaxed dining here, with killer views! It’s kind of like going to Hawaii, without the airport hassle…. Photos adorn the walls in the entry here and its like Maui all over. Casual dress is the norm . Come on down and grab a seat at the bar and just chill with a beer and the sunset.


Ok, Without a doubt Wednesday night in Malibu belongs to Cafe Habana. Karaoke reins supreme! What I love about it is the fact that we can all just get along here….. Pepperdine students mingle with us older folks, without rolling their eyes like our own kids do! Its a potpourri of locals. And everyone is best friends by the end of the night! Come grab a table in the bar, get a drink, some amazing salsa and chips and wait for the gold dust D J to set up. Sign up early, it gets crazy! Us over 50’s usually depart around 11:00 and leave it to the Pepperdine students to close down. It runs late by Malibu standards, 1:00 ish!


The Sunset Restaurant Happy Hour

$5.00 everything…( well, practically!)
The best deal going in Malibu for the price driven consumer.( lush)
Their bar menu is a wondeer to behold. Happy hour, yes sir. I love a bar I can go to and not have to decide what to get. GET IT ALL, its that inexpensive. And good! I personally love the flatbreads, fish tacos and truffle fries. Cocktails are equally good here. cocktails for 5 bucks? you bet. Local vintner, Saddlerock, is the chardonnay here, yum. And can we talk views? Its very nice to get there early, walk the beach a bit then come in tired and hungry. Nice sofas to slip back in, sports on T V and lots of locals to gossip with.


Taverna Tonys
Belly dancing, greek music and TONY! woo hoo…
Ok, maybe I over did it a bit here but its worth going into for the free dip alone…
Its a fun scene in here on Fridays.Get up and dance with the house band,stick money in the dancers , ummmm pants, and enjoy the noise, mayhem and energy. Its really an experience to be savoured. Food is pretty good, drinks ok, atmosphere…AMAZING! But Stick to wine, as they pour a measured cocktail… Hard to get a good buzz here, unless its from the music or dancing, which I love! Tony is worth coming in to see , he makes you feel like an old friend. Love him…


Casa Escobar

Mexican food to kill or die for. Seriously. Their mole is so good it’ll make you wanna slap your mama. ( or the waiter if he is slow in delivering it) The chips and trio of salsa is terrific, as well as the guacamole. you cannot get a bad meal here. Its a family run business thats been around forever, for good reason, They deliver the goods. And now my favorite part, the music. They have live music several nights each week but I particularly like Saturday music. Its a fun older crowd! Yeah! Finally a place people of a certain age can go and enjoy music without risk of life or limb. They book amazing bands, and people get into it! The dance floor is packed all night long! ( Lenny Goldsmith and the new olds is the best thing going in the way of music here…) He used to be with Tower of Power, so try and catch this band if you can! Best rock n blues around here.


The M Cafe Brunch

This place is up ih the wine country and worth the drive. Where else can you show up for brunch, play a game of pool, ride a paddleboat, throw a frisbee, and kick ass in shuffleboard….all in one place? With the kids in tow? No where,except here,thats where! The setting is gorgeous, rolling grassy lawn, complete with chandeliers hanging from the trees. Classy here folks! Food here is great too! Classic items plus a few fun items you need to try. ( pulled pork sandwiches a favorite) Cocktails equally enjoyable. It is a lovely way to spend a languid afternoon. It’ll turn you right around. Its nice to find a place where the kids are entertained so you can relax. After all, You deserve it!

Zuma Beach

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The Grand-daddy of all public beaches in Malibu, is by far, Zuma Beach. Some might argue that Surfrider is “ The ” Beach……if you want to surf, watch surfers, get a date with a surfer, or watch a surfer undress on PCH, then ok, You got me…..

However if you are a normal person hoping to park, have a restroom, and a concession stand while enjoying the sand and surf there is no contest.…. Its Zuma Beach.

Now I used to live above this beach and I can say without any bias that the sunsets here are better than any where else on earth. Seriously. Well the best in Malibu anyway.  The sheer size of the parking lot alone makes it worthy of bragging rights. I mean, how can you enjoy a beach if you can’t get to it? I love surf rider, don’t get me wrong, but my god, the parking is a nightmare there….Don’t get me started.

So make the drive up the coast beyond Surf Rider beach and Paradise Cove and get ready for the show. I have friends who are actually blessed enough to live on the bluff above Zuma, unobstrauced views of the Pacific…and they refer to the daily sunset as “ The Show ”.They post their amazing sunsets photos on Facebook all the time.I hate them.  Its miles and miles of uninterrupted glory. Besides having a team of Surf and Paddle boarding instructors here you can also whale watch here. Its amazing for whale watching and on “ bad ” days, dolphin watch. One day I was watching a baby whale while she watched me.For what seemed like hours… Sooooo cool. I personally feel the area just in front of The Sunset Restaurant is prime real estate for whale sightings  and I am never disappointed. Besides a spattering of surfers, who have obviously lost their way from Surfrider Beach, bronzed beach babes in the sand, parents and kids playing whiffle ball and people walking dogs on the street, you WILL SEE WHALES( during their migration season of course) I mean I can help you with the location but I’m not God!

So, if you walk south down from The Sunset Restaurant at Westward Beach , you will come to the Point of Point Dume. Its a gorgeous view from the top of the point. I see many whales from there( again with the whales…) There is a natural reserve with many areas roped off to simply admire the flora and fauna which is really worth the small hike up the hill! Once you get there , there is a little hike around the point, through sand, flowers, railroad ties, you name it. Very fun easy hike and its a perfect compliment to the beach walk from Zuma, to Westward then on to the point.There is also  a beach here that is very hard to get to ( Pirates Cove) which used to be a nude beach back in the 70’s. It’s freaky to sometimes find some time traveler who still think its there and you can see them searching, walking along in a speedo with their can of “ Tab”, zinc oxide and baby oil…

I mentioned dogs before so I’ll elaborate on that. There are no dogs officially allowed on any of our L A County beaches but here at Zuma you are in luck because there is a long walkway where they are allowed and there is also a street that runs along side the beach ( Westward Beach Rd.) and its a great dog walking area. You can enjoy the beach, sunsets, visit with locals and never even get sand between your toes.  That’s cheating if you ask me.

I saved the best for last, the main reason you should come to Zuma Beach….The Water is CLEAN HERE!  Being north of Point Dume and just outside the Santa Monica Bay, its clean, clean, clean!  Now , God evened the scales here, kinda like he did with France….You know, he made France so amazingly beautiful to the point where everyone wanted to live there, so he had to invent the French People to keep them from wanting to. I know I butchered that analogy…So, back to The super clean water….to even the score the waves are huge. If you are nervous in the water, be careful.The waves are really big here but if you follow the patterns of the waves you can time your entrances and exits. It helps to always swim next to one of the 1000’s of lifeguard stations.(Really) Besides, there is always shade underneath them and on hot days , when the skin is melting off your feet, go on over and try and make polite conversation with a lifeguard and catch some shade.

If you come to Malibu and do not visit Zuma Beach you are getting cheated.  In this world of $6.00 lattes, $5 dollar a gallon gasoline  ( damn, I need newer references here) and 39.00 vodka..its refreshing to find something that is totally free. The beach is free. Always has been always will be. So , park on the street if you must, pack a picnic , and enjoy the sound of the waves, but leave the 39.00 vodka at home . Come see “ The Show”

Restaurants in Malibu

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Central Malibu Restaurants.

Malibu is divided into two types of Restaurants….The ones the ones the locals eat at and the rest.

There are a few exceptions but all in all, we locals eat at  more “off the beaten path” places. The exception of course being Nobu.


It’s as good as they say it is. It’s terrace with insane views makes the food somehow taste better, seriously. A tuna roll suddenly becomes a work of art worthy of a sonnet. Gregorio, the gorgeous head chef, makes it all work. He effortlessly mixes traditional sushi items with unusual daily offerings I think he literally dreams up. I have had more raw fish in martini glasses at the bar there than actual martinis!  Perfect items include: Taradito, a white fish sashimi with lemon and a dollop of chili paste. No one, and I mean no one can do this like Nobu does. Chilean Seabass, it is a cooked item and stunningly done. My kids and I order it often and are never disappointed. Every single sashimi and sushi item is glorious and worth the money. I know many would disagree with me but as a lover of the purest of pure ingredients, this is the place! This is also the busiest bar in Malibu, just sayin…There are lots of folks from town here and  the mood is festive . The general managerErica is lovely and welcoming, so if you want to avoid the mob scene , go for lunch and say hello to her.


Just across the street from Nobu, near the Malibu Pier is a lovely Italian Eatery simply called  V’s. The owner is  the perfect host. Vassile welcomes you in with open arms. Yoshi is equally engaging at the bar. Its like a tag team . They instantly make you feel at home and damn, what a  great chef Chris is! The flat breads are crispy, flavorful and a true delight. Mushroom being my favorite. Their daily pastas are original and delicious. Their pork chops , when offered, are a must. Arrugula salad with figs? What can I say, a treat. I also love the bar there, Its like Cheers, A local favorite. It’s a nice contrast to the busy bar at Nobu acros the street.When you walk in, you don’t need to order a drink, as Yoshi will remember what you had last time, down to the 4 lime slices on a plaste .Ok, I like my citrus. It somehow makes cocktail hour seem a bit healthier.

And on The Malibu Pier is perhaps the coolest, newest hot spot. ( for breakfast!)

The Farm.

At the end of the Pier, the location alone is like a vacation. I have lived in Malibu for 20 years but it’s like going to Hawaii every time I walk out to the end of the pier to that place. I feel like I am on the Big Island when I sit down to my eggs. This restaurant began as a backyard labor of love. The owner used to cook for friends and family in her lovely garden and word of mouth spread… she was told on so many occasions to open a restaurant, she finally decided, why not? All I can say is , Thank God. The food is all locally grown, organic, simple, clean and  flavorful. I take people here all the time and I am always thanked. The scrambled eggs with veggies are my favorite. Veggies always crisp, eggs perfect, toast with homemade jam a must. Fried egg sandwich…yes please. Sweedish pancakes, can you say sinfully delicious? Dessert for breakfast! They also do lunch and dinner but my favorite meal here is by far, breakfast. Go sit on the roof and watch the paddleboarders, kayakers and surfers. I have also been lucky enough to spot whales from my table. A magical location and a meal worthy of praise.

More fabulous Malibu Restaurants to follow! Keep eating!

Hiking in Malibu

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What better way to spend a day in paradise than to immerse yourself in the simple act of walking within it?

We’ve all read the yelp reviews and seen pictures and videos on instagram of hiking in the hills and cliffs of Malibu— but how many have actually taken the whole day to let go and absorb the privilege it truly is to trek a land so ancient, biologically diverse, and visually stunning?

From a local’s perspective, this land is something to be cherished, walked among, and remembered for what it originally was— the home of a once great people who’s fulfillment in life was seeing the next rising sun down the coast.

Well, I’m here to help you see my home through those eyes, lovely people. So pack a lunch, lots of water, and bring your camera because this land is our land, and I want to share the perfect day in Malibu with you.

#3: Bush Drive

For those of you who like to get that heart thumpin, this one’s for you. There’s great parking, and hardly anyone on the trail compared to Winding Way. (*side note: if anyone ever tells you to check out Winding Way, don’t. It used to be great, and now because it has been so heavily visited and mistreated it’s just… sad. Parking is awful, half the hike is getting to the trail head from PCH and the “waterfalls” are virtually non-existent and anti-climactic… do yourself a favor, and don’t do it. Tell your friends too.)

Anyways, you have two options; one, you can walk to your right on the loop trial that takes you down into the canyon and in the shade amongst trees and a sometimes babbling brook that is very pleasant and mildly rewarding physically

OR! Two— you can tough it like the badass you are and climb that hill for a spectacular panoramic view of the Malibu coast, breathing heavily in awe and satisfaction, and enjoying a well-deserved packed lunch, ya dang viking!

The hill is a fire trail, used as an access to the area in case of a brush fire, but it also doubles as a very forgiving climb to a plateau that, if you are just feeling like conquering the world today, eventually leads to the Backbone trail on Kanan. If you do want to do that, I suggest getting an early start and a ride at the end, because that is an all-day excursion my friend.

#2: Solstice Canyon

So, I’m just gonna go out and say that this isn’t really much of a hike, but it’s an awesome, steady walk, with lots of diversity in scenery and really cool old buildings that have long since been destroyed by time. If you’re the look-around-and-explore type, this is the hike for you today.

I’m not going to go into the details of the history, partially because I’m too lazy to look it up on Wikipedia right now but mostly because they have a neat placard to read once you get there that explains everything and that’s part of the fun you curious thing you!

Now, you’re not really supposed to keep going up the creek, but because I’m a local it’s ok I guess. It’ll be our secret. There are some really sweet water pools up there, so take a look around! Just don’t tear out the roots from the hill, while climbing— it leads to erosion which is no bueno for people who want to come back…

#1: Corral Canyon

This, my lovely people, is the reason man weeps at the site of true beauty.

Alright that was dramatic, but still, this is freakin great. There is so much to do up here, you’ll want to spend the entire day just wandering around.

You’ve got the infamous “Mushroom Cave,” a local teenage hangout covered in paintings and carvings from over the years that has a better view than most mansions out here. Being a local, I can’t just tell you where it is cause them rascally kids will find me and make me pay for my betrayal, but I’ll give you a hint— it’s close to the rock circle, and you have to climb up into it through the boulder it’s hiding in. It may have just been the brownies, but a raven once led me back to this place after I had forgotten about it and wanted to show my girlfriend.. so you never know what can happen up here.

Also, there’s a dang rock circle! It’s enormous, and very fun to add to if you are so inclined. If you like labyrinths, this is almost sort of kind of like one, but rocks! Meditate, snack, stack, whatever man, in this place time practically doesn’t exist and there is plenty to do and see.

It has everything, from an old wrecked car half-buried in the ground, to caves upon caves upon caves to explore— so here’s what you want to do if you are the exploring type; park, then turn around and walk up the path that looks like the set from the Flintstones movie. Just keep going, and enjoy the wonder that ensues.
If you are the trail-type, instead of turning around, go straight and down the hill to the left of the lot. It’s better for mountain-biking, but the walk itself is really fun with lots of loops, drops and trees to shade the journey.

So there you have it— my electronic gift to you, dear reader. Heed my advice, and enjoy one or all of the three best hikes you’ll have in this little bubble on the west coast. Whether it’s to get your heart racing, inspired, or intrigued, you most certainly will not be disappointed!

Shopping in Malibu

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The main thing in Malibu besides the amazing beaches of course, and fine dining, is the shopping! While the kids are off at surf camp you can hit the boutiques.

So,  Let the games begin…There are three glorified areas in Malibu that are “ shop – worthy”.

1) Cross Creek

You will find everything from quirky one of a kind items in Malibu General to jewelry that is cutting edge in Chrome Hearts. ( Daggers anyone?)…

In Malibu General The walls are adorned with local photographers images, displays of handmade purses, clothing and beer in a fridge! Think of it as a hippie flea market, only the hippies are rich tourists and the flea market is insanely overpriced commercial real estate… Seriously, it is a truly unique shop amongst giants, worth venturing into!

Also in Cross Creek are many chain stores with prices that match our zip code. ( 5 digits) worth it, I am sure!

In all fairness there is a local Banana Republic , M Frederic and Urban Outfitters. So while YOU shop in Lanvin and Madison, send the teenagers there, It will balance the finances out.

Also in Cross Creek is a theatre and a few nice local restaurants. Malibu Kitchen is great for sandwiches and deli type items. Do not talk on the phone while ordering though. This guy makes the “ Soup Nazi” look mild in comparison. I love the chinese chicken salad wrap and my son would kill or die for the bbq beef sandwich. ( with slaw) they have old fashioned sodas and candy and a bakery to die for!

There is a new gift shop called Burro,they carry classic gift shop items such as candles,cards, necklaces and many little gifty type items. Tres Cute!

2) The Lumber Yard

It used to be the old malibu lumber yard. I have on occasion seen a flummoxed painter in white coveralls wandering around aimlessly …..

The fishtanks are killer, It’ll keep the kids entertained for as long as it takes them to eat their yummy ice cream cones to the tip. There is an Alice and Olivia there, LOVE that store! They also have a Kitson, great tourist shop. Lots of locally branded stuff here.A James Perse with a ping pong table in front. ( Game on).

There is also a J Crew for you east coasters, can you say twin-set? Intermix adds just the right amount of flirty fun at  reasonable prices. Designers here are affordable.I also love the restaurant here, Cafe Habana. Wednesday night is Karaoke night that is dominated by tall, tan ,well bread Pepperdine Students.  A few older locals hang in there until 11:00 or so, when 20 somethings take over. Kid Rock  sometimes makes an appearance. Worth popping into for the best salsa in town. It doesn’t hurt that Cindy Crawford owns it and is seen on the patio on occasion…( and yes, she is STILL gorgeous!)

3) Colony Plaza

Theodore, Beecker, Ralphs and CVR are here. Darn, what was i thinking including this place?

Ok Ok Ok, This place is celebrity spotting central. Go to the Starbucks here and sit your ass down and wait. It will pay off…

This shopping area is food driven…. With the exception of Beecker, a local surf shop, its all about the food. Bui Sushi, Coogis ,Malibu Yougurt and Kashin are worth checking out. Its nice to stroll along the spanish themed walkways while the kids eat frozen yogurt and shop for board shorts. The sales at Theodore are fabulous and afterwards grab a paradise roll from Bui Sushi. Simply the best Lobster Roll around! Vitamin Barn is also great for smoothies and items to fight off jet lag.

There is one  other shop totally worth mention that is not located in a shopping area though. It is Pinnacle, off the corner of Kanan and PCH, it is by far the best local clothing store around! The owner is sweet, helpful and knowledgeable. If you need a size 25 jeans, and a hot tank, she is on it! I like the store because I am NOT a size 25 in jeans . I am a normal size and she has clothes to fit me too! Yeah! My 21 year old daughter and I shop here together and always  have a full shopping bag when we leave. ( full bag, empty wallet…kidding) The prices here are great. Love this place. Local Malibu Sweats, Uggs, Designer Jeans, tee shorts, cute beach dresses…you get the picture.You came all the way to malibu, so support a local malibu store.

Now there are a few other shopping areas that are small but worthy of mention. One is the new Trancas Center. They have a wonderful home furnishings store called The Malibu Beach House. Love it!When I walk in I just want to MOVE in. It is so tastefully done, I mean its film set ready! These gals know how to decorate a room. They sell Malibu wine glasses, insane chandeliers,coasters, jammies  and any thing you’d find in Barbra Streisands house. They carry books about the  Malibu coastline to coasters with lobsters on them. Eclectic? I think yes.

There is also a new clothing store here but I can’t remember the name and I want you all to shop at Pinnacle so I won’t mention it.

There is also another surf shop here called Clout. Cool hats , sunglasses, board shorts and cheap boogie boards. The perfect place to sign up for surf lessons as well. Craig will take care of you.

So, do you now have enough to keep you busy? God, I hope so!